Counterfeiting : a global plague

solution_graphiqueToday, counterfeiting represents more than 10 % of world trade, yielding between €250 and 400 billion a year of illegal profits.

In addition, it generates many direct or indirect jobs losses, as well as progressively impairing corporate performance regardless of the business size.

1 out of 5 fake products manufactured worldwide is sold in France.

In France alone, 3.5 million items were seized in 2004, a figure growing up to 5.6 million in 2005, causing 38.000 job losses.

In 2009, the situation has been worsening : a significant share of the massive Chinese exports is related to forgery.

Affected industries range from textile and luxury, to automotive and aerospace (spare parts), to pharma.

Sanitary hazards (agro-food, health care) therefore add up to the economic impact.

Fighting official and fiduciary documents forgery is another global stake.